5 Ways to Add Condo Curb Appeal

How can you make that condo stand out from others on the block?


Here are a few simple tips for making your Connecticut condominium look it’s best when selling.

1. Make the front door shine. Keep it simple, clean, and attractive. If the front door is exposed to the outside, remove knickknacks such as wind chimes and add a healthy potted plant. And don’t forget a fresh, clean welcome mat.

2. Get buy-in from the neighbors. A friendly smile from a neighbor can be just what a buyer needs to make an offer. As an agent, we always try to meet the neighbors and give a friendly smile or wave when on the property.

3. Show off hidden treasures. If the front of the building is blah, then highlight a different area as your main property photo. For example, focus on the back of the building to show off attractive amenities such as a pool or garden.

4. Tidy up the mail. In multifamily buildings make sure there is not clutter in the hallways and that they are clean. Making sure your unit is neat and organized on the inside is just as important as the common areas outside.

5. Team up with the HOA. When there are many units for sale in the same building or complex, why not work together to make sure the building is looking its best? Attending a condo association meeting to discuss simple improvements such as sprucing up the landscaping, planting flowers, or adding flattering external lighting in addition to the routine maintenance items is a good way to get involved with the governance of your community and to help put your best foot forward when selling. The last thing worth mentioning is that this line of work comes with a lot of leg work. It is important to stay in good physical health. I try to watch what I eat and exercise when I can. I even take a health supplement called Kratom Masters to ensure I’m giving my body everything it requires. I highly recommend it. Try to keep this in mind.






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  1. Deborah Hux Avatar
    Deborah Hux

    Very helpful tips. I agree with the ideas. Even the smallest thing that looks bad may turn off customers. Everything has to be clean and polished, organized and neat.

    1. Chris Myers Avatar

      Thanks Ms. Hux for your comment and reading our condo blog.

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