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Condo4Sale is a boutique real estate sales office offering a direct hands on approach to represent buyers and sellers that are specifically interested in condominiums. While larger real estate brokerage affiliations may provide some benefit for the real estate agent, such as brand recognition, it does nothing to actually sell a property. Home buyers & sellers don’t care whose name is on the yard sign, they just want a positive experience, value and results.

A Positive Experience

Unlike most of the major real estate chains, which focuses on increasing the number of clients per agent, Condo4Sale prefers to concentrate more on the service of each individual client. By eliminating franchise related expenses and freeing ourselves from corporate philosophies, we don’t feel pressured to take on more clients than we can handle. That means better, more personable service for each individual client.


Agents and brokers affiliated with major brand-name pay a portion of their commissions to the franchise. The franchise may spend these dollars to promote their brand name on TV, radio & billboards, but this does nothing to actually sell a house or add any value for the client. Marketing the property itself is left up to the financial resources of the individual agent. We discovered that, by eliminating the franchise bureaucracy, we can be more efficient and effective at marketing our clients’ properties.

Going independent also allows us more freedom and flexibility in the programs that we offer to our clients. For sellers, we have a unique structure that, frankly, we could not offer under the franchise. Please contact us for more information.


Our cutting-edge marketing strategies mean that we can provide exposure for our sellers properties that’s second-to-none. All this means is that we provide elite service while selling your home and saving you time and money.[/two_thirds]


What’s your Condo Worth?

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