How do we make selling a condo easier?

We use the power of the Internet to provide a place for condo buyers in Connecticut to search for one thing: condominiums for sale in CT! We place all properties in the Multiple Listing Service and share our listings with all member firms. Our agents sell more condominiums than any other type of property which makes them experts.

Using modern technology and a team approach to selling, we maximize the exposure to your property to get the highest sale price in the shortest time.

Other advantages include:

Website Exposure

Property will be displayed on various different sections of including the home page.

Comparable Market Analysis

A CMA will be made to determine a good starting point on your home’s value prior to having an appraisal done.

Web Based Feedback System

Thru the use of our online feedback system, realtors and potential buyers can give us input on anything they found with your home which discouraged them from making an offer. This helps us identify any potential problems that could be slowing down the sale of your property.

These are just a few of the tools we use to facilitate the sale of your home. Upon meeting with one of our realtors, additional tools and resources will be discussed and implemented based on your scenario.

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