CT Condos for Sale or Rent

Rent vs buy graphicConnecticut Condo Rentals – Many know that Condo4Sale is the easiest way to find Connecticut condos for sale, but we also offer condo rental services for CT residents seeking condos for rent or for current condo owners that want an experienced rental professional who understands CT laws and condominium rules. Plus, let Condo4Sale deal with finding the right tenant so you don’t have to take the phone calls, sifting through the field of potential renters, pre-qualifying, etc..

While we do not have an online search for condo rentals available at this time, we do have licensed agents that have been providing condominium rental services for over three decades. We also work with local CT area property management companies like Northeast Property Group, which manage thousands of condo units in Southeastern CT and throughout the state.

If you are interested in renting your condominium or looking for a condo for rent, we are the experts. Our unique focus on CT condominiums gives us an advantage in helping you find the right condominium complex or renting your condo to a properly qualified individual.

Call us today at 860-437-7005 for assistance or more information. is the one stop shop for your Connecticut condominium rental needs.
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2 responses to “CT Condos for Sale or Rent”

  1. ashley Avatar

    I want to find a place for renting something a college student can afford. Im being kicked out in january so not sure if i can afford it. if theres condos for renting that are good i would really like to know. im going to three rivers college in norwich. So maybe not to far but waterford would be fine in that area as well.

    1. Chris Myers Avatar

      We have agents in the office who specialize in the rental market that can help find you a place that fits your needs. Give us a call at 860-437-7005 and ask to speak to a rental agent.
      Chris Myers

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