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  • Interested in a CT condo? Have questions? Just ask.

    If you are seasoned investor or a first time home buyer, and have a question about what condominiums are available in southeastern CT, the shoreline, or Connecticut in general, you can post your questions here on and a real estate professional will respond to you quickly. This is what makes condo4sale different from many…

  • Search Engines Find Condo4Sale

    I know this is kind of the technical side for this website, but it’s a relief to finally see showing up in several of the major search engines when a user google’s “condos for sale CT” or condominiums in New London. In many instances we are in the top 5 results for people searching…

  • Referrals- Spread the Word!

    At condo4sale, we love referrals! If you know someone who is thinking of buying or selling a condo in New London County (Southeastern CT), have them call condo4sale at 860-437-7005 for expert representation.

  • 8 Steps for Buying a Condo

    1 | Decide to buy. Although there are many good reasons for you to buy a condominium, wealth building ranks among the top of the list. We call home ownership the best “accidental investment” most people ever make. But, we believe when it is done right, condo ownership becomes an “intentional investment” that lays the…